Today (Wednesday) is the final day of voting in theWAREHOUSE Best Ever Fan Sign Contest. The polls, such as they are, close at midnight tonight - EST. We'll be announcing the winner on Friday, and I will try to send out emails requesting addresses from the top 16 winners (all of whom will receive prize packs) - but failing that, it'll happen ASAP.

But seriously, though, a few tablespoons of ground flax seed in pancake batter is really good. It imparts a kind of nutty, earthy flavor. I guess I don't mind some little things like a few blueberries, but too much stuff (wads of mushy apples, crunchy walnuts, too-sweet chocolate chips, etc.) gets in the way.

I like this New Hope Mills brand. My dad always made pancakes every Saturday morning with this brand, so I've got some loyalty to it. Some of the other brands seem over-processed.

I find that if you use a little olive oil instead of just a spray in the pan, you won't need to put any butter on the pancakes. Additionally it helps give a great crisp crust and a nice soft center. Don't use a lot, though; you're not frying these gentlemen. Don't use a lot, though; you're not frying these gentlemen. And yes, the astute observer will notice that I've put my olive oil into a Frank's Red Hot bottle for precise portion control.

Turn them only once. Don't be one of those guys that flops them all over. It's like grilling a burger. Turn it too much and it loses something; in this case it knocks out the air and softness. I turned that little guy on the left a little early, but don't feel too bad - he steals money from the elderly.

Now let's talk syrup. The only syrup that goes on your pancakes is pure maple syrup. Otherwise you're just drinking high fructose corn syrup. It's only right if a tree was vanquished in noble battle for it.

It doesn't need a ton, friends. Take it easy. But man, isn't that good?

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