As much as I'd like to draw solely from fictitious inspiration, sometimes the greasy reality of...uh...reality manages to creep in unimpeded. Today's comic pretty much actually happened. I know occasionaly people will be on the phone in a restroom and that's bad enough. Their mumbled "yes" and "no" betraying at least a bit of appropriate shame at having bathroom sounds going on in the background. But no, once in a rare while we're treated to the bizarre spectacle of capital-b Businessman conducting a sales meeting. I don't know, maybe he has to psych himself up by holding his weenie at the urinal.

I guess no one really needed to read that, did they?

Putting the mundane in munday since 1993.

Also, an update on the coupon code situation for the shop. You can use the code JUNE19 (CADJUNE19 for canadian orders) to get 10% off all men's products. This code is valid until June 22nd. They're calling it a Father's Day sale, hence the men's stuff only.

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