Have we done this joke before? It seems almost impossible that we wouldn't have hit that already, but I can't find any record of it. Of course, I'm insane, so that might impair my archival search process.

I don't actually rave. I'm old and slow and boring. But I do dig some of the dancing, once in a while I'll come across some youtube vids of that Melbourne Shuffle and whatnot. Pretty rad. And when the ladies bust a move, well, hooray!

Thank you everyone for your help with donating to the cleanup and rehab efforts after hurricane Irene. August's ad revenue has been sent.* I was just talking with a social worker friend involved in assistance and learned that a lot of the money will be going to specific health-related items, which usually at this time have to do with cleanup and disinfecting after polluted flood waters wreak havoc. Lots of trouble with mold in homes, sewage contamination, and various other unappetizing bits of fallout. Your support of this comic is helping people in sudden need. Thank you.

* - if anyone is really picky about particulars, you can email me for more specific information, but I'd rather not make a public spectacle out of it because it was a last minute decision, not a specific fundraiser effort.

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