It's true! We're moving! Actually no that's not true. We're not moving. We're getting a makeover. An extreme makeover: homepage edition. (Jokes galore, you randy beast - this is good value for money).

Long story short, we're redoing the entire website. We have to because the existing comments software is going away, and it was always cumbersome anyway. I'm moving it to a wordpress based content management solution. There's a neat theme called ComicPress that I'll be using to format things. It shouldn't be too much of a crazy shift but things will start out pretty simple and pared down and perhaps develop as we move.

So, it's less like moving house and more like The Doctor going through a regeneration. Same base site and comic, shiny new facelift. Hopefully it's more of a Tom Baker or David Tennant regeneration.

I'm well in to the process, setting up the site in a super secret location. I'll just port it over here when it's ready. Hopefully soon.


We got a great mention and spot in an blog update. Check out Fresh Roasted Hosting's new article about customer service. They make several great points and it's worth a read even if you're not in the tech sector. I'm honored that they reached out to use theWAREHOUSE comic as an example! So visit their site and check out their services. A really nice company. If you engage their services, tell Dave theWAREHOUSE sent you.

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