Some amazingly astute (or is that “awesomely obsessed”) readers had already noticed that I had started the process of uploading the entire 750+ comic archive to the new WordPress site. Well, we’re pretty much caught up! That is to say the comics themselves are up.

They are posted nowhere near their actual publish date, which is annoying to me but the only way to go. There are also multiple comics posted on certain dates. That’s just the only manageable way for me to get them up. I won’t bother you with the details. Suffice it to say that a strong database predicated off dates in filenames is hard to play catch-up with when you don’t have dates on 750+ comics’ filenames. Oh well. They’re up! That’s the important part.

We’ll still be losing the comments, which is a damn shame. However, I should be able to go back little by little a add in the accompanying text. You know, the text that goes along with some of the posts. I always enjoyed the opportunity to expound up topics brought up in the comics, explain poorly written jokes, drop extra jokes, or just interact with you guys. So, it will be important to me to try and preserve that part of our shared history.