So some of the side projects I’ve been working on are ready to show off, I think. I am constantly having ideas I need to get down on paper. Some good, some not so good. So I’ve been working on tshirt designs lately. They tend to be fairly simple and clean artwork, but with hopefully clever concepts.

I wanted to show a few “stores” off:

Natural 20 – geek and nerd shirts


Strong by Design – fitness clothing


Crosswear Clothes – Christian clothing


These are all in addition of course to the bunch of stuff I have for sale on Zazzle and Redbubble – but I don’t think they’re quite as well organized.

Just wanted to share! Oh yeah, most of the Spreadshirt stores have their own twitter account if you were interested about getting alerts on new designs or discount codes. They’re always coming out with various discount codes:

Natural 20 Shirts Twitter
Strong by Design Twitter
Crosswear Clothes Twitter
and of course you already follow theWAREHOUSE on Twitter right?
theWAREHOUSE Twitter