In addition to the new comic post text, I’ll also be able to put separate “blog” posts up. That’s kind of neat, right? They’ll show up here.

This new system is pretty handy. I choose the file of the new comic to upload and have the opportunity to write the comment story right there.

With the old system, I had to edit three separate php/xml files, upload the image via FTP, then upload the files – also via FTP. It’s workable, but it was really quite a pain. It’s like the kooky Gyrocopter Captain from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Or Dale with his RV from the Walking Dead. So, on the basis at the least of not having to kludge around knee deep in the code I like the WordPress solution.

Yeah, I’ll still be tweaking CSS and PHP in the back end (yeahhhh) but hopefully from a little more “end user” of a perspective.