So, everyone, this is it! The new website! We’ve migrated to a WordPress based format. This will allow us to have a better commenting section that will actually continue to work – unlike the software I had been using for the previous site’s comments, which will just kind of…cease to function.

I do need to get the archive up. It will take manually updating many filenames. I’ve received some great feedback from several of you readers on this issue. I have to add the date in text format to the beginning of the comics. I did use an automator, which helped a lot based off the modification date. However, several hundred of the comics have the same modification date due to being manually moved around in a variety of ways. So I still need to go through and iterate them out, or we’d have single posts with dozens of comics in them. It’ll get there.

For the comments section, you can have an avatar simply by inputting your address and being registered with the Gravatar system. You don’t have to, but you can.

Also, the RSS feed has changed. You can find the new link at the top right of the page. Or here:

I still have lots of little plans for the site. Feel free to leave comments with your thoughts. I need to add some sharing functionality back. I need to adjust some of the links and pages. But I didn’t want to put off a launch any more, because it was too easy to put it on the back burner.

So, if you loved the comic but were ashamed of the old website…maybe now is a good time to share the comic with friends! Or, you know, wait until I have the archive up. Whatever. I don’t care. Be my friend. Sob.

Hooray new website!