Happy Halloween! I hope you’ve all been good little ghouls and goblins. Full size candy bars for everyone! Actually, if you want, there’s free shipping in the tshirt store today only (Oct 31st) with the code SWEET2013 – no minimum order. So there’s that!

I completely coincidentally happened to grab a tshirt that has a skull on it from the top of my drawer. So that’s my costume. I know, pretty rad right? Did anyone dress up as “Sexy Charles the Raver”? Or maybe “Steampunk Ball & Peen”?

Also, I saw a guy throwing away his jack-o-lanterns yesterday. Yesterday. As in, before Halloween. Way to go, middle-of-the-week holiday.

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Any ideas on a contest for theWAREHOUSE? I was thinking of doing one of those Facebook contests just so the tracking of it would be able to be automated and official, like just sharing theWAREHOUSE on your page gets you an entry…prize would be a tshirt. Something like that. Anyone interested?