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Hey, speaking of social media. WHO WANTS A FREE TSHIRT? You do? Well then get tweeting!

Use the hashtag #WRHScomic and include a link to theWAREHOUSE to enter. Contest is open until the end of May. Which is only 10 days away!

You can just copy and paste this as a tweet:

Check out theWAREHOUSE webcomic! http://warehousecomic.com
Puns and heart – And enter to win a tshirt, like me!
#WRHScomic @WAREHOUSEcomic

Let’s go and tabulate the current entries. Hmmm. (clicking sounds of a manual adding machine, several small whirrs and an explosion)…

It really is hard to keep track of them on Facebook because of sharing and privacy issues, so if you do “enter” on Facebook by using the hashtag, let me know either with a comment here or like how my man Philip did: letting us know on theWAREHOUSE Facebook page!

I actually did take a picture this morning of a dry cleaner’s signage which had changed. But it was for work, really.