the Awesome friends of theWAREHOUSE reader Jennifer got in touch with me to see if we could help out. See, Jennifer’s kind of stuck in a hospital dealing with the malarky that is lupus. Boo. Sucks so hard. And it turns out that Jennifer’s a fan of Radiohead. So, with their help and suggestions, I made a nice little custom Charles the Raver illustration just for Jennifer that uses a line from one of her favorite Radiohead songs.

radiohead - weird fishes

Jennifer, if you see this – everyone at theWAREHOUSE is rooting for you! Stay strong and kick lupass! Lupus ass? Loopass? You know what I mean. Get better.

Check out @OperationJenny on Twitter to learn more and the website they set up, (most of it’s in I believe Dutch, though, them being in Amsterdam so YMMV)

I know they were trying to get the actual band to come visit and sometimes that doesn’t pan out, which sucks. But hopefully Charles helps lend some cheer!